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Concrete Inspection Kit

Concrete Inspection Kit - CIK5.2

Kit contents 4 x Hygro-i2 ® Relative Humidity probe.

It contents 12 x Hole liners.

It contents 1 x SAL75(Calibration Check Salts )

It contents Infrared thermometer

A compact kit designed for the instant and precise measurement of moisture content in concrete slabs and giving comparative readings in other cementitious floor screeds

  • Features

    Measures up to 6.9% Moisture Content in concrete.

    Carbide Method (CM) equivalent scale for concrete.

    Large clear backlit digital display.

    Hold function “freezes” meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible.

    Attaches to a relative humidity Hygro-i2 ® probe for in situ testing of concrete and ambient conditions.

    7% to 24.9% Moisture Content measurement in Wood, 7 - 100 WME, using Pin-type probe attachment. (optional)

  • Specification

    Size: 430mm x 345mm x 130mm (16.9" x 13.6" x 5.1")

    Weight: 3.65kg (8.1lbs)

    Power: 2 x 9 volt PP3 Batteries (included)

    Measuring range:

    Depth of penetration in concrete: (NDT*) approx. 20 mm (.")

    Moisture content for concrete: (NDT*) 0 to 6.9%

    Carbide Method Equivalent for concrete: 0 to 4.3

    Carbide Method Equivalent for Anhydrite screeds (NDT*) 0 to 2.7

    Reference scale: (NDT*) 0 to 100

    Moisture Content in wood / WME using Pin Probe: 7 to 24.9% / 7 - 100 WME

    Relative Humidity with Hygro-i2 ® probe: 0 to 99%

    Humidity accuracy: 0% to 99%RH +/- 2% @ 25°C / 77°F